Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Day Out

With my new fabric from Friday, Friday night I braved sewing with stretch for the first time making one of Tessuti's tops. I LOVE it, and the stretch fabric wasn't as scary as I thought. Dean says it's far too comfy looking and not fair.

Yesterday after shopping for a new lounge we ventured to Wagamama in the city for our first time for lunch.

Chilli squid, gyoza, san choy bao fried rolls, amai udon, mini chicken ramen and a mini chicken katsu. Isabella was in heaven, there was squid (her fave), noodles, soup and chicken all in one meal with vanilla bean ice cream (and half of Daddy's Passionfruit sorbet) to finish. That kid is bottomless.

Our kind of restaurant, a bit noisy to drown out kids, a "proper" kids menu of smaller sized adults meals, NOT chips and nuggets which they never want. Drawing, kids sized juice and at the moment, the kids eat free with an adult meal. We all left happy.


The O's said...

Your top looks awesome Lisa! Well done. Bet you will be sewing up tee-shirts, sweat pants, trackies and all manner of stretchy goodness!

I wish so much that Amelia was as adventurous with food as Bella or Liam, you are so lucky. Sound slike a lovely day out and with a new lounge in the wings, we will have to come and check it out when you get it delivered (that is if you found one :-) )

B @ Sweet Limes said...

Dean is so right, that top looks delightfully comfy. Have you worn it yet?

Belinda said...

Very nice top. And yum Wagamama. We have been a few time in the city.

ange_moore said...

I love Wagamama's - it's my absolute favourite and I'm just sad there isn't one in Tassie! We always try and eat there when we know there's one in the city we're visiting because it's great for the kids and I love their food too!

Great top by the way!

Gilly said...

Love the top Lisa - well done!