Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Garden Coasters

I've been wanting to make myself some coasters for a while but couldn't find the "right" fabric at the shops. D'uh I already had it in my stash.. this yummy fabric from Kristen Doran matched with a plain red for the backing.

I really wanted them just plain so all I did was quilt around a flower on each one.


Tacha said...

Great coasters! I love that fabric too but it is rather expensive here in Germany :(

B said...

I just got your package in the mail today. Perfect timing since I had a TERRIBLE DAY! It cheered me up with the little polka dots on the pouch. Thank you so much!

AND, I love your coasters. They are perfect without having too much done to them, the stitching around the flowers is perfect.

edward and lilly said...

They're gorgeous, it's great fabric and I love that you quilted around the flowers, it gives them much more texture.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Those are gorgeous too. I'm feeling totally inspired reading your blog.