Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Traditions

As the kids get older we are getting more and more traditions for on Christmas Eve, some we used to do ourseleves as kids and others I have come across while blogging lately. I love seeing how other people prepare for Christmas Day and all the surrounding festivities.

This morning we had a play with our buddies, because of course it IS Wednesday and that's what we do on a Wednesday whether it's Christmas Eve or not. Isabella wouldn't last a whole week without catching up for a playdate (well Mummy would go stark raving mad listening to her ask me over and over again when we would see everyone).

Then our "traditions" began after naptime. Baking some cookies for Santa.

Hanging up our empty stockings while rattling off all the wishes for what they will contain in the morning. What she wants will NOT fit in that teeny stocking. Lucky Santa knows to bring Santa sacks too.

Putting on our new PJs made today by Mummy.

And setting up the shortbread we made with milk for the jolly man and carrots and a bowl of water for the thirsty reindeer by the tree.

And finally before bed reading our new Christmas book under the new quilt made by Mummy. (Which she straight away asked if she could take to bed with her)

And now the Princess and the Monkey are tucked in bed. We were questioned why she was allowed to see Santa at the shops but not in HER house, which was a bit baffling to answer but we got through it. So for the rest of the night daddy & I will be packing the car for tomorrow and cleaning up to make room for when Santa drops by with all those gifts. Lots of lovely Christmas Eve traditions I hope we can keep building on every year.

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