Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Dinner Tag

The lovely Ellie has tagged me for a run-down on our Christmas dinner/day. Thanks Ellie, once I'm done here posting I'll be off to read what other people get up to on their day.

Christmas morning is always here at home, opening presents with the kids and eating a little breakfast cause we know we will be eating alll day long. Then we load up into the car and head to my parents for MORE present opening while the food is cooking.

Then each year we alternate where we eat, either my parents or my Aunt & Uncle's. It's a small group, normally just us, my parents, Aunt & Uncle & Unkie Russ. Sometimes Dean's parents also come up from interstate or we have relatives from overseas pop over too.

This year was supposed to be at my Aunt & Uncle's but sadly a couple of days ago her gorgeous father passed away and they are flying out tonight to the UK, so it will be a quiet and sad one this year without them. It will be only the third Christmas I remember since I was about 7 that we haven't all been together. We also lost another close family friend to my parents and Aunt & Uncle a couple of weeks ago after a short battle with cancer so I'm hoping next year will bring everyone a more enjoyable Christmas. 

We spend all day at the dinner table, chatting, eating, drinking, starting by opening up table presents. Each year the boys get the same thing, a Terry's Chocolate Orange, and the girls get something different and everyone gets a lottery scratchy with it. This year I did the presents so the guys got their chocolate orange and us girls are getting an Itti Pouch and a soap. Oh and Liam is getting a Thomas train cause he's not quite eating chocolate yet!

For lunch we have a full hot English Christmas lunch. The turkey gets cooked overnight, the pork goes on very early in the morning, and later the vegies and yorkshire pudding get added and a leg of ham carved. 

Traditional Christmas pudding is always for dessert with Brandy Custard, Port Wine Sauce, Custard, Cream and Ice Cream. I know hot food crazy right in the hot Australian summer? Every year we joke how ridiculous the amount of food we have is but it all gets eaten over a couple of days and we say never again but do it all again the next year.  This year hubby splurged and bought me a nice bottle of Moet to drink through the day, well ok not just ME, apparently I have to share at least 1 glass but I'm looking forward to it.

After all that eating, we cannot MOVE so we spend the night at my parents and then have a relaxing day the next morning with bacon & eggs for breakfast and let the kids enjoy some of their presants.

Thanks Ellie for tagging me. Might be a bit late for me to tag others, I don't know? So how about anyone who wants to share their "normal" Christmas Day do and let me know if you do so I can come and visit.

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Ellie said...

Sounds yummy I hope you enjoyed your bottle of bubbles and you didn't have to share too much.