Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Day at School

We had no tears (from anyone)
When we reached the front gate, she found her Year 6 buddy and bolted away from us waving madly over her shoulder and calling "bye"
We were repeatedly asked "when are you guys going home"
Before we left the kindy room she had already bombarded the teacher with questions

It's very quiet at home and not sure I like this whole 5 days a week business, but she is ready and was so happy to be at big school
Liam meanwhile, is happily enjoying having total control over the TV Programs and toys while we attempt to keep cool inside


Kate said...

So glad she was happy on her first day!

Cass said...

Looks like she had a great day

The O's said...

She looks great and happy to be going to school, glad no tears, it's so good when they 'get it'!

The day goes all too fast! Do they finish early to begin with at all? We have term one finishing at 2.30 and possibly term 2 but depends on how the kids cope. Guess my day feels so long because it starts so early at the moment...

Ellyn said...

Yay! so happy day one was a success and no tears! Any day now she will graduate from college (no wait, that's my dd#1 doing that! Geez). & wait.... is that a picture of YOU??? WOohoo I finally can picture my friend Lisa!

Sally said...

That is so wonderful.
I adore the happy first day of school shots. Great stuff.