Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby Owlies

Stumbling across Plushka's Craft blog, a little baby owl caught my eye. I found myself reading her gorgeous blog page after page with it's owls, penguins and crocheted baskets admiring everything. But those baby owls, they had my heart and I got (embarrassingly) so excited when I stumbled across one of her posts linking to the pattern which had been in the old Notebook magazine.

With a (newly cleaned out) drawer in my craft table stocked with gorgeous wool felt from Winterwood, and some gorgeous fabric pieces that the lovely Bianca sent me last year, Isabella and I dove straight in after Liam was snoring away in bed, cutting out the pieces...

One for Isabella and another for her little buddy Grace who we went to the movies this morning with to see Tangled (BRILLIANT movie!). They both spent the whole time cuddling their "owlies"... next up, a boy version for Liam


Ellyn said...

so cute! My mom loves owls. Might have to look those up!

Sarah said...

Very cute indeeeed!! My mother in law gave the notebook mag that has these little cuties in it. It's on my list of things to get to after I finish off some other owls that I had started a while back. Always love reading your posts x