Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 23: Etsy Shop Update

My etsy and Madeit shops have laid bare for months (not that I ever had much in them), but I loved making up the curvy clutches the other day, and as I sewed away so many ideas of what I could make them with came to me.

But how many clutches can one girl have? (That's a retorical question, just pretend you're a man and think that answer cause we all know a female can never have too many bags. or shoes).

Anyway I decided to make up a few more and put them up in my etsy store. So here are the first batch...

I love the lace one, don't you? I have some other ideas floating about in my head I want to try too with embellishments but they'll have to wait.

Don't forget your chance to win a Curvy Clutch. You have until Sunday night to pop over here and leave me a comment.


sweet limes said...

The fabric on the last one is my fav. but the lace on the blue one is superb!

Sara said...

Those are gorgeous!