Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 17: Eye Spy... Bed

Miss Muggins came up with this weeks Eye Spy, a peek into our bedrooms, and yes I'm a day EARLY, but Friday's are kids-at-daycare-clean-house-frenzy days so while it was clean I photographed.

Our little Princess and Monkey boy love sharing a bedroom, so much so, one night last year when we stayed at my Mum & Dad's before a trip away Liam was unsettled for hours until I realised it was because he was in a different room to Isabella. He was used to hearing her ramble as she drifted off to sleep and being able to see her I guess because once together in the same room, he was snooring in 5 minutes.

So a tour of their fun bedroom/playroom...

Peeking through door which hangs PJ bags and a wreath on the handle from Rosa e Chocolate

An Ikea Expedit bookcase with baskets also from Ikea holding all the toys. Ontop is the dolls house that my Grandfather made me when I was about 3 or 4 which I re-vamped for Isabella's 3rd birthday last year.

Bella's artwork. The fairy painting and butterflies were gifts from friends and I made the little hair clip holder.

Liam's artwork was also made by a friend and was made when Isabella was born to match the nursery set we have.

The huge (almost bigger than Liam) white teddy, Cookie Monster and Pumba were mine when I was young. Not mine any longer of course!

Liam's Alphabet artwork is from Lad & Lass above the Borri Change table which isn't used for changing anymore. The drawers hold all their tops and underwear and the boxes on the shelf hold swimming gear and socks.

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Thanks for the sneaky peek into the kids rooms.