Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 14: Lazy Days Skirt #3 and Eye Spy... My Favourite Corner of the House

Day #3 and Lazy Days Skirt #3 for the Sew-A-Long.

We took it for a test drive today at the park for a picnic with good friends (checkout Sarah's blog, she's been taking part in the sew-a-long as well).

Speaking of the picnic, we had a scrumdiddlyumptious lunch, if I do say so myself. I made us ladies a Roasted Pumpkin Salad with Garlic Panko Chicken and the kids had a Cheesy Ham and Macaroni Bake. Sarah bought along some yummy muffins to finish our meal. There weren't many leftovers to bring home.

I haven't done the last couple of Eye Spy's, and yes this one is days late I KNOW, but this weeks theme is from Cindy herself and is Eye Spy... My Favourite Corner of the House.

My response this week is going a two-parter... after some furniture re-arranging and claiming back the glider chair from the kids bedroom I've set up a pretty cozy corner in the lounge room.

(My Girl's Cap Sleeved Spring Shirt just over half done)

It's the perfect TV watching - knitting spot and gets lovely afternoon sun. Even though the cover on the chair is in perfect condition, it really goes with.. well nothing. So Sarah graciously did an Ikea run for me and bought me some fabric to match our ottoman I covered. Check back here for Part Two of My Favourite Corner of the House with *hopefully* a newly-covered chair.

Tomorrow on Blogtoberfest: Yep another skirt AND some knitted slippers.

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Cindy said...

A knitting spot - you are so gone into knitter oblivion I think that there is no going back