Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 15: Lazy Days Skirt #4 and Knitted Slippers

The last of the Lazy Days skirts for Isabella using my Heather Ross fabric from Corrie. Tomorrow I'm planning a little embellished one for a little girl to have her birthday soon..

The last of the birthday presants for my Mum, a pair of knitted Mary Jane slippers. She is ALWAYS cold and I thought these would be great around the house.

This pattern was so quick and easy to make, I think each shoe took me about an hour and I used 2 balls of Patons Inca 12ply yarn and I added a little crocheted flower in Tangerine. I modified the pattern and knitted the base to 9" before starting the decreases instead of 7.5-8" and it fits my size 9-10 foot.

Tomorrow on Blogtoberfest: The final Lazy Days skirt


Hannah said...

whoah dude! im wearing that exact pattern slippers on my feet right now and have been churning them out over the past few weeks hehe

kellie said...

the slippers are fantastic! what a great gift idea.

planettreasures said...

Oh, yes! I've been making mitts, maybe I'll start making slippers as well.
Thanks for the idea!

Karin van Dam said...

Those slippers are so cute, what a great idea, Lisa! Now I only have to be able to finish a knitting project... ;-)

sweet limes said...

That skirt looks great with panels like that. And those slippers!

Kellie said...

I love this skirt. The colors are great together and I love the hem. You've inspired me. The slippers are fun too!