Saturday, September 26, 2009

Princess Party

A now 4-year olds Princess Birthday Party, what a way to start the weekend!

Lots of glitter on a make your own wand
Pin the Crown on Aerial the Mermaid (or her armpit if you're Bella)
Pass the parcel
Lots of yummy food
Fantastic Toadstool cake

Happy Birthday Amelia Love Princess Bella and tag-a-long Liam who came with us 'cause Mummy was away all last weekend and I was soaking up the last day of him being "One".

Tomorrow is round number 2 for parties... Liam's birthday and party. His presents are wrapped, scooter assembled and hidden, friends booked for fun at the Wiggly Play Centre, the cake made (I am NO cake decorator apparently) and our bags packed for an early morning out of here.

To think this time 2 years ago we were bags packed for his arrival the next morning, nervous of the surgery to come and those muddled baby days to follow and spending our last night as a family of 3. Oh and I was huge and tired.


Karin said...

Happy birthday tomorrow Liam. And mama ofcourse. I hope you all will have a wonderful day!

Belinda said...

Happy Birthday Liam, and Happy Birthday to Amelia too!