Thursday, September 17, 2009

Melbourne Bag

Hands up who was silly enough to realise at almost 11pm last night that all our luggage is being stored at my Mum's? Oh what I'm the only one madly waving her arms around like a looney? Yep, all my planning I forgot we moved our bags to my Mums and with no free days left to go pick them up in all my infinite wisdom I thought I'd make a weekender-style bag. With no pattern. At midnight.

Here it is... finished after a quick shop after Liam's swimming this morning for a big zipper and some interfacing and sewed up during his nap time.

Overall I'm happy with it, especially since I just kind of cut and made it up as I went along. See it standing up all on it's own? There's nothing inside so I'm happy with the interfacing job.

A couple of nights ago I made up a present for my little man who I'll miss terribly while I'm away, a little Caterpillar softie from Two Little Banshees pattern I got at the show. I'll be giving it to him at the airport when he drops Mummy & Bella off.

Now excuse me while I plunge head first into the freezer to find something for dinner, quickly grab some lunch (at 4.50pm) and attempt to recover our lounge room floor after hurricane bag making.


Kate said...

I can't believe you made a bag like that so quickly! It looks fantastic. Cute caterpillar too!

Anna said...

You are SO FAST! I can't believe the number of things you've managed to whip up this week. Have a lovely trip down, look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Ellyn said...

great job! Safe travels

willywagtail said...

Love the and the fabric you used. So much nicer than a mass produced one. Cherrie

wheatbeltgilly said...

Oh well done you!