Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eye Spy... Something Blooming

I know it's cliche, but the thing I see blooming the most around me is my baby. He's not really a baby any longer and I am treasuring the very very few weeks left that he is "ONE". He already feels 2 (12 some days), is such a funny boy and comes up with the most hilarious chatters lately.

"I did it I did it Mummy" accompanied by furious jumping in the air and throwing his arms in the air
"WAITTTTT" as his little legs come pounding down the pavement to catch up
"Oooo funny Mummy" followed by a FAKE giggle
"Oh no I felled over" normally preceeded by him flinging himself onto the ground pretending to trip over
"Ooooo wow Mummy yum yum" whenever any food is presented to him, even before he's even seen what is in his bowl most of the time and knows what it is

The boy can spot an airplane behind trees and hear them from a mile away and I'm sure he has a sixth sense when we are near a train or train stations.

Whenever we drive away from our home he makes me wind the window down so he can call out "Bye bye Ted" to his teddy bear.

This age is so much fun and he is blooming into a real boy so quick it's almost sad.

Thanks Holly for this weeks meme.

eek I'm supposed to pick a meme for next week. Something I've been dreading since I joined. I don't know why, maybe 'cause I don't want to pick something that everyone goes "meh that's dumb". So a few week back, it came to me.. Eye Spy... Something Red, a fave colour at the moment, and I thought if I ever get picked for Eye Spy I was cool and ready to go. 2 days later that was the lovely Ellieboo's meme.

So after gorgeous Cindy has asked me to pick next weeks theme I've been thinking what is something that we have been planning for a lot the last few weeks? ... Eye Spy... Seasons Change. What does the change to Spring & Summer in the Southern Hemisphere and Winter in the Northen Hemisphere mean to you? I can't wait to see what everyone does and looks forward to the most about the new seasons.


Sally said...

I too have a two year old son and it is a beautiful (and sometimes challenging) time.
'Eye Spy ... something blooming' was my first week participating. I'm really keen for next week's theme "seasons change" - good choice.

Ellyn said...

don't be sad about your boy growing up! Steve will be 17 in a few weeks & he is still a mamas boy! so sweet to me.... enjoy!

sweet limes said...

How sweet. I've been hanging onto the baby status with my one-year-olds too. They are getting too big and though they aren't babies any more I wish they were.