Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eye Spy ... Seasons Change

Spring is our favourite time of year, it means a shift in our weekend routines. Winter weekends of meeting friends and family for plays at their house, random days of perfect playground weather become weekends of picnics, beach adventures, coming home with buckets full of "treasures" from the beach (so far no stray crabs thank goodness) and BBQs for most meals. Daylight stays a little bit longer for bike and scooter rides.

This weekend was just that, perfect almost 30 degree weather (about 84 degrees for you Northern Hemisphere people) where we spent Saturday at the beach with Nanny & Poppy before Poppy's hospital admission later this week for (hopefully) his double bypass followed by a lazy walk down and day spent at the local Spring Fair today.

We are lucky to live only a few short minutes drive or 10 minutes walk to a number of beaches (unfortunately the UPHILL bit is on the way home with the tired out, hungry, sandy kids refusing to walk or carry the 10kg of equipment they HAD to take with them). But this time of year we love where we live just that little bit more.

Beachin' with Nanny & Poppy

Some smart person (ie. Nanny) thought it would be hilarious to splash the kids with her feet, until Liam realised he had a bucket he could fill and throw water back with. Liam won.

Thanks to Cindy for Eye Spy and picking me for this week.


sweet limes said...

The lessons we learn on splashing kids with buckets. Too funny.

Bek said...

Sounds like a wonderful time (except maybe the walk up the hill)!

Hope all goes well with the operation.

Sally said...

That looks SO good!
What a wonderful beach for families.

Sarah Slaven said...

That's funny. You get them Liam!