Friday, March 8, 2013

Roller Skate Dress + Kina

I may have been stalking the Oliver & S blog, Facebook and website just a little over the last few days, waiting for the Roller Skate dress to be released.

Last week catching up with a dear friend, she told me a how her almost-8-year old wanted a new dress and she had come to her so sweetly wondering if Lisa would make her one. Pffft like I need to be asked twice! So I finished Bella's first to check the fit and next up, another in a pretty navy with white birds. The fabric I made Bella's in is a cotton from Spotlight, isn't it pretty?
Oliver & S Roller Skate Dress
True to Oliver & S patterns, the dress is designed to be beautifully finished, fully lined, but also this is definitely the easiest and quickest O+S pattern I have ever done... and I have done a few. So much so it didn't really "feel" like an O+S pattern because it didn't have those real details that normally comes with their patterns and the time it normally takes to construct them.
Oliver & S Roller Skate Dress
The pattern comes with only 2 pieces, front and back, and then a small rectangle for the button loop. The sizing is spot on (this was a size 7 with a touch longer length for Miss 7.5) and I was able to sew it up in just over an hour last night. I finished my seams with the overlocker and note if you cut the lining the same length as the outer fabric instead of the 1/2 inch shorter in the pattern, then it would be reversible.
Oliver & S Roller Skate Dress
I also finished off my first Kina in a Debbie Bliss EcoBaby Cotton in a lovely lovely Navy earlier in the week, and it even has a button on it already. I cast on the size 6 but knit the size 8 length for my slight girl. It is a little loose on the shoulders, but looking at all the other projects on Ravelry they are the same too.Oliver & S Roller Skate Dress & Kina Cotton Kina
I scored with the Debbie Bliss Ecobaby on eBay and snapped up a 10 ball pack for the price of 3 balls here in Australia. With quite a few balls left over my Mum has now snuck off with some and a copy of the Kina pattern to knit one for Eva while I work on a Granny's Favourite for Bella in long sleeves for the colder months. Only the sleeves to go and then it will be ready to wear.

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Cass said...

That looks great. I might have to check the sizing as I really think it would suit Charlotte

Ellyn said...

what a beautiful grown up girl in pretty new clothes by Mum!

Anonymous said...

Hello, This is just beautiful. Would you please share the name of the fabric you used with the birds, I just love it. Thank you.