Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eva is 2

She woke to a room full of balloons...
2nd Birthday2nd Birthday
and after unwrapping her presents it was party time2nd birthday
2nd birthday
2nd birthday 2nd birthday2nd birthday
My little poppet is a Peppa Pig fiend, so I made up a bunch of party decorations including the invitation, party banner, food labels and thank you tags with Peppa on them.

We decided on a morning tea so I planned on food I could make in advance which worked out lovely as we got to spend all morning with our guests and my baby.
2nd Birthday 2nd Birthday
Happy birthday to our gorgeous little one.

Cake Pops made with this set from BigW, then coated in Merckens pink candy coating and a white candy writer
Strawberry Tarts creme patisserie recipe
Date and Coconut balls
Rice Krispy treats recipe
Shortbread recipe
and popcorn

Perfect kiddie food and all can be made in advance.

Oh and while I AM posting... I can't ignore the old faithful Google Reader is closing soon, so I'm trying out Bloglovin


Ellyn said...

you are the party queen! Lucky Eva, can't believe she's already 2. off to college she goes any day now!

jess @ fushmush said...

Happy Eva! I love the party theming. It's just the right touch.

My little miss almost 2 is also a Peppa Pig addict. We went to the Easter show yesterday and I couldn't believe they didn't have a Peppa Pig showbag. They are missing out on a real money spinner there.

If you're looking for a reader experience like Google reader then I would recommend Feedly. I've tried them both and I think Feedly is more like Google.

bec said...

Such a cute party! I'd have peppa Pig if I could heehee. Happy Birthday Eva!