Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Red washi

My blogging is not as often as I like, and my sewing even further in between, but finally some time spent in front of the sewing machine over the last couple of days and time for show and tell.

The two biggest had a sleepover at their Nanny and Poppy's which meant that Eva and I had the WHOLE day to ourselves. Little miss requested Peppa Pig and I was more than happy to oblige while I disappeared for some sewing time, starting with a Washi dress ... a popular dress for very good reasons.

Washi dress
Washi dress lining
Washi dress
Washi dress
Washi dress elastic casing

my only modification was to omit the shirring in the back and sew a casing made from bias binding to the inside of the back and insert elastic instead.

I will be making more of these, the tunic version and the maxi version too. Lucky I went and re-stocked fabric at Spotlight the other day.


Cass said...

You might have inspired me to make this now. It looks great on you. What is the sizing like

bec said...

Love that fabric! I 2nd Cass- what's the sizing? I keep looking at it....why did you omit the shirring? God, listen to me, questions questions!

Ellyn said...

it's adorable! I'd love to make one too. You look great

CurlyPops said...

I really like this. I haven't seen it anywhere before!