Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beginning school

It has been a busy couple of days this week with the start of Year 2 for Bella at school, Liam had registration day for "proper" soccer (hello early morning winter starts on weekends.. ick) and finally today, he started kindergarten. How did THAT happen?!? 

Dean had a work from home day so he could see Liam off to school and my parents came to see him climb those big stairs for his first time, but of course he took it all in his stride. It is so different being the 2nd child, he's been going to "school" for 2 full years to drop Bella off and pick her up, he knows where everything is, has met the Kindy teacher many times before, knows how car line works... there is no shyness for the 2nd child. Well not for my boy anyway.
... and apparently not my baby either... poser.


Kate said...

They are so gorgeous and I love that little pose!

Ellyn said...

so great! Have a great school year everyone!