Tuesday, January 1, 2013


January :  A trip for hubby and I to Hayman Island

February : Eva started furniture cruising

March : Family trip to Fiji and my baby turned 1

April : KCWC

May : Some sewing for me

June : My big girl turned 7

July : More sewing and knitting for everyone
August : More sewing, SEW Craft Retreat and hubby had a birthday

September : My boy turned 5

October : Our Halloween party

November : Getting ready for Christmas

and finally... December

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone. 2013 is shaping up already to be exciting, we are only 2 sleeps away from our big move into our new house. It's brand new so there are a few things I still need to organise to be done like picking which curtains/blinds we want, but it's very exciting. Except being surrounded by boxes... thats not so exciting, but it's not for much longer. Hopefully I can get the sewing room box unpacked quickly and get back into some crafting...

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Ellyn said...

happy moving! can't wait to see your new home! Happy New Year Lisa