Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not long now...

21 sleeps
3 weekends as a family of 4
8 kid-free weekdays
1 Craft Group
2 loads of tiny baby clothes and bedding to be washed
1 baby capsule to install in the car
1 cradle to go at the end of our bed
1 box of newborn nappies to buy
1 tonne of baby wipes to buy
1 baby quilt to bind
81 blood glucose tests
61 insulin injections
17 steroid tablets
2 respiratory check-ups
3 Obstetrician appointments
1 Endocrinologist appointment
1 coming home outfit to pick with Daddy
and hopefully a pedicure...


Sarah said...


Paperklip said...

and 1 Craft Group involving lots of pink.
Mel x

Ellyn said...

can't wait to see the little darling!

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

Wow! I want to rub that baby belly :) xox

JK Creations said...

oooo... goodluck!

Aer Conditionat said...

Great photo! Love pregnant ladies. Cannot wait to see the baby pictures!