Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last night, I cleaned the fabric cupboard. Throwing out fabric I'm sick of seeing and never using, sorting out the "good scraps" from the "why in the world did I keep these scraps" and re-folding and boxing my fabric.

That sounds like a big job, but really wasn't, I generally buy fabric and use it straight away so don't have much of a stash.. and before I get all the "nesting" comments, no it's not nesting.. the cupboard door was refusing to shut from explosion of "bits" and with the Mother in Law arriving tomorrow, last thing I needed while in hospital was her trying to sort it out and be "helpful", cause you know, Mother in Law's just can't sit and do nothing when visiting.

So with a nice pile of "good scraps" sitting in front me, instead of re-boxing them, I got straight into cutting and this afternoon made up some bunting for the kids bunks...

One of the last things now sitting in my WIP drawer is some half finished matching duvet covers for the bunks. Sitting there forever, they are probably another thing that if I set my mind to it I could finish in an hour... let's see if I get time tomorrow between Liam's soccer, getting my hospital bags packed and all the other last minute things to do before I check into hospital bright and early Thursday morning.

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The O's said...

going to say it because I can get away with it.... it's nesting, sorry, but it is. If you have an insatiable amount of energy tomorrow and still feel like you need to 'clean something out' I have an office waiting to be unpacked!