Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jack & Jill Romper

When one of my lovely former neighbours Sarah (Hi Sarah!) posted on her great sewing blog about the Jack & Jill All-In-One Romper pattern from Bettsy Kingston she had tried for her gorgeous little boy, I went over and bought a copy of the pattern before I even finished reading her post.

This afternoon after the various jobs, customer appointments and visits to doctors I plonked myself down with a bit of test fabric and gave it a whirl, trying a self-modified version without the feet. If this little one is anything like her two older siblings, rompers with feet do not last long thanks to the Mummy inherited long legs.

The longest part of the whole sewing was putting the snaps in... gah snaps (Mental note to research getting a snap press of some kind.), but this is fantastic pattern. The sizing goes up to 18 months, and being able to use quilting cotton I can see me making quite a few of these.

Thanks Sarah for the new pattern!


CurlyPops said...

Awww how cute!
I have that same fabric in the stash. I had no idea you could make rompers in quilting cotton.

Sarah said...

Hi Lisa! Looks GREAT! I went to pegs yesterday looking for some fun boy fabric to make another one but i just didnt find anything I loved. I think I will have to make a girlie one for my neice instead. I enjoyed making it too. Yeah snaps are a bit time consuming aren't they!!

ange_moore said...

That is just too cute! Pink without being too girlie - my kind of baby girl attire!!

Ellyn said...

now that is adorable!

Jennifer said...

Here is a snap place for you - - they seem to be the cheapest I have found. I have this fabric too. It was one of the first fabrics I bought when I started sewing a couple of years ago.

Cass said...

I've got a snap press if you need anything snapped