Sunday, March 29, 2009

Family Day Out

The first weekend in a month that neither Dean nor I have been sick or had something on, so we made the most of it. A day out shopping for a wedding present for some friends yesterday and then a trip to Centennial Parklands today.

All four of us loaded up onto the bike and managed a lap around the parklands. Personally I would of preferred to be sitting up the front with the kids cause peddling a bike carrying over 30kgs of kids is hard work.

But we had a ball, the kids were on the lookout for the people and their dogs, the ducks in the ponds, the horses at the Equestrian Centre and everything else we passed by (or passed by us).

With such perfect weather, after Liam had his nap this afternoon, we headed down the road to the beach to sit in the park and have fish & chips with Nanny & Poppy for dinner.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

What a gorgeous outing - don't the kids look happy! At least your legs will have gotten a work-out!!

Belinda said...

How cool is that!!! I will have to get the details off you

Kat said...

That bike is amazing! Did you hire it? What a great workout!