Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nothing to see here... keep on moving...

The sewing machine hasn't seen the light of day in almost 3 weeks. All my customers plus a bunch of new ones seemed to call at once wanting website work done. Parents away for 3 weeks and home tomorrow. Mother-in-law visited and left. Godson's 4th birthday. Been in bed for the last 3 days with a nasty flu. So keep on blog-hoping if you were hoping to see some new sewing around these parts cause you'll be unimpressed.

Disclaimer: Excuse the atrocious photos. The camera's battery charger is apparently playing hide-and-seek and either it's very good at hiding or I can't be bothered seeking very hard. The warning light keeps bleeping at me so all our photos are point and shoot as quick as you can at the moment.

I did get a fabric order in from Quilt Home if that counts for something. Nothing done with any of it yet and not even sure what I will be doing.

Definitely a quilt with this Joel Dewberry sampler pack, I'm thinking a coin style or perhaps I will give Amy Butler's new duvet cover pattern a twirl.

Some uber-soft flannel (Wish I bought more for PJs), along with some Sandi Henderson fabric and some Patty Young fabric that I have had my eye on for ages and is just as gorgeous in real life as I hoped.

Check out this fabric pack I won from the lovely Toni. I'm thinking of sewing them onto cards?

I have started knitting though. Ravelry is my new best friend. Something I can pickup, work on for 20mins in the car or while my eyelids are drooping at the end of the day and feel like I achieved something crafty.

A beanie for Liam (sheesh did I warn you about the shocking photos!) and one for our Godson Sam's 4th birthday. I managed to knit each beanie in a night using thick Patons Inca wool on 7mm needles and loved this Open Star Stitch pattern.

I had a ball of this 8ply from goodness knows when and what, so I knitted a Diagonal Eyelet shrug for Isabella using this pattern.

Beanie and beanie/booties set for 2 babies coming soon in super soft Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK in a beautiul light green called "Jolly" (ie. gender neutral) colour. I used this 1754 pattern from Sidar. 

I also finished a "Little Flirt" cardigan from Sublime Yarns from their #607 book for Isabella, but it needs to be blocked before I can photograph it. Well that and I need to find where she hid her "ballet jacket". I used Sublime's super-soft Extra Fine Merino wool in the biscuit colour.

I've also finished 1 single sock. I get the whole "2nd sock syndrome" I have read about now, sheesh you mean all that effort knitting and now I have to do it ALL AGAIN. But it fits and I like it so I am determined to knit the 2nd one soon. I've also started on a cardigan for Isabella which is from a Panda pattern and is in Moss stitch. I love moss stitch but gee now I know what it says easy but "requires patience" cause boy is it slow to knit.

And just so there is at least 2 decent photos in this post... taken last week by our talented friend Tanya.

No I'm not a knitting blog, hopefully we will resuming sewing-broadcasting soon. Seeing the pictures of all the new fabrics is making me itch to get the quilt started!


Cindy said...

I am still too scared to learn how to knit, I felt a little inspiried to give it a shot.

Kate said...

Great knitting and love that new fabric!