Monday, February 9, 2009

Victorian Bush Fires

Victoria Burns

I had something to post about today that I made last Friday but instead of posting it I have been attached to the devastating news of the fires in Victoria.

Thankfully our friends and family in Victoria have been out of harms way but the number of people who have had their lives forever changed from this disaster is horrific. When I read the paper on Sunday morning it was reporting that 14 people had sadly perished, however each time I go over to or a newsflash scrolls across the TV screen it is getting higher and higher and now 126 fatalities and climbing with expectations to be over 250. 750 homes are gone leaving thousands homeless. The notion that whole entire towns have now been wiped out, no buildings left is unfathomable and to think some of them were deliberately lit.

There are so many ways for people to help, but for now the best way is donations so that people can buy what they need right now. So many people have nothing left in their lives other than what they were wearing when they fled their homes. Soon I would love to make some soft toys for those children who now have nothing of their own, but tomorrow we will be heading to our local bank and making a monetary donation. The Red Cross is doing amazing work helping everyone and are raising donations through their website.

In such a horrible time for so many, it is comforting to see so many individuals and businesses from around Australia and the world coming together to help people they have never met before try and rebuild their lives.

May everyone's friends and families stay safe and our heartaches for anyone who has lost a loved one. Keep safe "firies".

Update: Cindy at Bug and Pop has contacted me about an auction she is organising where all proceeds are going to the Red Cross. Tonight and tomorrow I'll be making up a few things to donate, maybe a messenger bag?. If you are able to help go over to Cindy's site and let her know. If you don't have anything to donate for the auction, be prepared to shop big on all the goodies! I'll post links to the auction when I get them.

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cindy said...

Hi, I am hoping to start up a craft auction of handmade items with all proceeds going to the Red Cross, or charity of your choice to help with the bush fire appeals. I would love any help you can provide with promotion, donation or bidding. More info here