Sunday, January 5, 2014

New cookbooks

We always end up with new cookbooks at Christmas, and a couple of days ago I broke them open for the first time.

I received Baking Day by Women's Weekly from my best friend. She knows me too well. Almost every page has something I want to make so I know it will be well used, but first up was a Caramel Apple Pull Apart.
Looks good right? I wasn't sure how the pull apart was going to turn out when it was at dough stage, I had terrible trouble rolling the dough with all the mushy apple inside and had to reduce the amount, but fresh out of the oven and oh my goodness it was good. So good I made another for a picnic with friends.
Sweet potato fritters and homemade chips
Sweet potato fritters and homemade potato wedges

And for dinner a couple of nights ago, we tried Jamie Oliver's Sweet Potato Fritters from Save with Jamie that I gave my husband. During cooking, I found the best results from using smaller fritters and on a lower heat than suggested and used coconut oil. I made homemade potato wedges from Allrecipes to accompany them. Definite winner.

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Ellyn said...

I wish I liked to cook! both look so yummy