Friday, January 3, 2014

1 Year

Print by Burbia

1 year ago today our lives were in boxes... again. But we had just handed over copious amounts of money to real estate agents, removalists, banks, and lawyers and were on our way to our brand new home. 12 months later and I still love our new home as much as the first time I looked at it and went home to my husband and told him "love it, but there is no way we will get it"...

This week we have been doing a MAJOR clean. Christmas decorations and new presents are all in their places, kitchen cupboards have been tidied, and a full carload is ready for the tip as well as a (huge) pile to donate to charity. It feel so good to have it all done and start the year!

One of my favourite pieces at home, is the print above from Burbia that I gave my husband for his birthday that hangs above the dining table, but I put my DIY hat on to make something for him at Christmas.
Running holder Running holder
He has only been running for such a short time and we are so proud of him. With some supplies from Bunnings, a custom vinyl label and some crafting, he now has a place to hang all his bibs and ribbons proudly on the wall beside our bed instead of stuffed in a drawer. Hung up today, 1 year after we moved into our home.

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