Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spring wardrobe planning

Blue Mountains 2013
We survived the June/July school holidays, yes I know we are now in week 5 but it seems like they were just on holidays. We went away to the Blue Mountains with this crazy crew... no not the guy in the grey shirt and glasses standing up, but he is in all my shots of the family... weird. (Just realised Bella and Liam are wearing beanies I made them for our trip..)

We bunkered down and stayed warm in a big house with my parents to celebrate my Dad turning 70.
Family @ Como
Thank goodness now the weather has changed, we are definitely on our way out of winter and into spring so there is planning of sewing projects and a little (maybe more than a little) online shopping to start filling up the non-exsistent spring/summer wardrobes especially for Isabella and Evangeline.

I made a head start last week at Craft Group where I left with a top for Bella and a dress for Eva cut out, which I ended up sewing over the weekend as well as cutting out and finishing another top for Eva.
Matching Oliver and S Ruffle Halter tops.. they were so excited to have matching.

Running low on supplies, Eva and I took a quick detour before grocery shopping this morning to Spotlight to find 30% off everything and for once some nice knits in stock... we *may* have grabbed some.
Pretty yellow and Blue cottons, for some shorts and simple popover tops I plan on making using the Oliver and S Popover Sundress pattern.Cottons
Left: Cotton for a Hanami top from StraightGrain I bought yesterday... such a sweet pattern.
Right: Cotton for either a Hanami dress or a Reversible Wrap topKnits
And the pile of lovely knits I hadn't seen before, the top three for some summer PJs for the girls using a pattern from Alex and Anna and the bottom for a Racerback dress. If I have any left, I think I'll try drafting a simple t-shirt dress and maybe a Banyan Tee.

So those are the plans.. and while the sewjo is running I'll be hitting the list hard!

Oliver & S shorts for Eva
Oliver & S popover Sundress-top for Eva
Hanami top for Eva
Hanami dress or Reversible Wrap top for Eva
Anna & Alex Summer knit PJs for Eva
Anna & Alex Summer knit PJs for Bella
Racerback dress for Eva
Banyan tee for Eva
Banyan tee for Bella


Ellyn said...

you have the cutest kids! Can't wait to see what else you make them from your fabric treasures

bec said...

Oh, that's hilarious- I have some of the blue seersucker with ?buttons on it, I'd better not wear something home made at the same time hehe. I love all those knits, I keeps asking (begging) Sib to let me make her something in some of them...I have a boring dresser!