Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hanami top

I said I was a woman on a mission yesterday to get the Spring/Summer wardrobe for the kids sorted... and here is the first off the list finished yesterday afternoon.

Hanami top
It's a new pattern from StraightGrain called Hanami. I have to admit I was completely sucked in by the cross over back, it totally made me buy the pattern straight away.
Hanami top
This was made up in the size 3 for miss 2 years 4.5 months, and while it fits perfectly at the moment, if she grows at all it will be on the small size, so next time I make it I will go up to the 4. (It's also missing the buttons, there are supposed to be 4 button holes and buttons, but I'm thinking of doing some snap buttons instead)
Hanami top
The frill kills me... cute cuteTiger
and my girl with her absolutely positively most prized possession in the world, Tiger...Sibling love
and my boy wanted a picture with his baby sister and her Tiger... ok getting side tracked by cuties, back to the top...Hanami top
Hanami top
Lined in the same fabric, this little project used just under 1m of cotton, the bodice and back are fully lined and was really quick to come together.

Now, on to the next project...

Oliver & S shorts for Eva
Oliver & S popover Sundress-top for Eva
Hanami top for Eva
Hanami dress or Reversible Wrap top for Eva
Anna & Alex Summer knit PJs for Eva
Anna & Alex Summer knit PJs for Bella
Racerback dress for Eva
Banyan tee for Eva
Banyan tee for Bella

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Ellyn said...

the top is darling (and your kids are so stinkin cute!)