Friday, December 16, 2011

new camera

The last couple of weeks have been chaos. The parties (Christmas and birthday), end of school, end of soccer, end of dancing, school masses, school assemblies, school carols, etc etc etc. Luckily I've had pretty much all the Christmas shopping done for months because I don't know when I would have gotten around to it. Of course in the midst of all this the washing machine, vaccum and camera all decided to die within a week of each other. Seriously like Christmas isn't expensive enough as it is. Only upside, at least there are good sales on.

So this morning, Eva and I went shopping and came home with a fancy Canon EOS 600D camera with all sorts of bells and whistles that I have NO idea how to work. I'm happy with these first shots taken of my baby and I'm sure I'll have it all sorted out by the time Dean and I escape for 3 nights to Hayman all by ourselves in 4 weeks (not that Im counting!).

 Mind you I have NO idea how I am going to leave her for 3 nights considering she's only ever been away from me for a couple of hours.

I also shot some photos of our garden which is growing like crazy. Luckily my kids all love vegies because we have lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber on a constant supply and moment!


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Ellyn said...

What a gorgeous garden! And you will appreciate your little ones even more after a few days away