Thursday, December 22, 2011

Get Creative by Spotlight Kaftan Top

Pattern: Get Creative by Spotlight Kaftan Top 

I had so little faith in this pattern. So little in fact I actually cut the pattern pieces from the pattern itself which I NEVER do instead of tracing off my size onto tracing paper and then cutting. I used a remnant of fabric that has been in my stash before I started sewing and I don't even know WHAT it is. Yes, that little faith. It was a $2 pattern I got from Spotlight the day I bought my machine (yes 4 or 5 years ago) and not even in my "normal" size (for patterns).

Surprisingly I like it! The arms are nice and loose and it sits at just the right length. I would even consider making some more in a light cotton. Who would have thought....


Ellyn said...

cute! That fabric is lovely.

Cass said...

I like it too it looks like a great top, I've been looking for something similar too bad it's from so long ago. If it has a name can you let me know and I might do some searching