Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Baby

Don't let your brother near you if he has a book of stickers and you can't defend yourself yet.

She thought it was hilarious, but then this little munchkin is either asleep, feeding or smiling. Such a happy little girl and whenever she hears her brother or sister talking, she has the biggest smile on her face and tries to join in talking.

Hopefully our little one stays this happy over the next month, she has a few doctor and specialist appointments as well as a day in hospital under anesthetic coming up. Her big sister had one of the same procedures when she was 10months old, so while we do know what we are in for, having Eva being only 2 months old and all this talk of medicine and surgery etc. isn't much fun.


The O's said...

Such a huge ordeal for such a little body. Thoughts and prayers are with all the Camerons over the coming weeks. She sure looks like a happy bubba! So cute :-)

Ellyn said...

big hugs to you all... she is a beautiful happy girl & lucky to be in such a loving family