Monday, May 30, 2011


Today, Eva and I stepped out to Craft Group, and on the way home I realised we were showcasing "homemade/handmade" in a big way!

I wore my new top that I finished last night, Simplicty 2599. A great pattern with a really comfortable fit.

I rugged up in the cold weather with my Nimbus cardigan over the top, which I knitted last winter in Sirdar Denim Ultra

and topped with my Elizabeth beanie (ravelry link) in Bendigo Rustic also made last year.

Eva wore her "Dolly" dress from Ottobre 6/2008 that I made last night

  • Eva's pants were a gift from one of our neighbours which a friend had made
  • she briefly wore the beanie I crocheted for her (this kid HATES hats and shakes her head until they fall off)
  • she was wrapped up warm in her handmade blanket
  • and wore one of her embroidered bibs
  • we carried our homemade brownies in my Kristen Doran bag with Granny Square brooch
  • I worked on a knitted scarf for Bella for school and helped Kristen with some crochet
and of course Eva is a very special piece of homemade! We certainly had all of my crafting endeavors put to good use today, and with a stop at the craft shop today, I'm on to the next project tonight...


Cass said...

Love both your outfits but of course Miss Eva is the most beautiful homemade item.

The O's said...

Good Lordy woman! where was the knitting needle holding up your hair, come on... half hearted effort without it :-)

Miss Eva is sporting a gorgeous little smile. Best hand made item in this blog agreed!

Ellyn said...

wow you really did cover all your bases! Love Eva's dress... and your top too! I'm going to look for that pattern for me!