Thursday, December 9, 2010

When good intentions fail...

The Monkey boy caught the train with Daddy into work this morning. After dropping Bella at daycare, I met them in the city to bring Liam home, deciding to pass by The Remnant Warehouse for some plain dark grey fabric.

That's when my good intentions failed... there was a 25% off all fabrics sign out the front. Oh and I had my boy with me who seems to like fabric shopping more than I do, picking out the fabric he likes and just taking it to the counter and asking for some for shorts.

Three fabrics on the left picked by Liam for his shorts
Dark grey fabric in the middle for a project for the Cat. (Yes you read that right, the Cat)
Gorgeous pink and bird fabrics on the right for my girls

These two came down to $3.75 a metre. I bought a "little" bit of the blue one with deers.

Lucky my to do list was getting low, Ive got plenty to keep going now!


Katie said...

ohhhh I love the bird fabric.....and the deers. I can't walk past a fabric sale either, I love a good bargain!!! :)

Ellyn said...

oooh I wish to have the bird fabric! I collect birdhouses, this is so gorgeous. Nice finds my friend!