Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sewing Catch Up

A couple new projects finished this week...

Fabric: Lightweight cotton from Pegs Pieces
For me, perfectly sized and light for summer bump covering

Fabric: Kate Honarvar for Timeless Treasures
For our little miss. I decided to attempt altering the pattern (always a great idea when starting a project at 12pm) instead of making it reversible, I finished the neckline with white binding.

Also, new fabric arrived yesterday from Quilthome, definitely one of my favourite online fabric shops. They offer a $39.95 flat rate shipping (as well as the standard $13.95 flat rate box) where you can ship as much fabric as you like for the one rate. My friend Sarah and I had over 35 yards (including 6 yards of bulky flannel) and two patterns in this box bringing the shipping to just over US$1 a yard. Oh and the Quilthome "Angels" as they are called are always happy to hear we have combined our order to make the most of the shipping rate.

Out of the (two) large boxes, my new stash now has...

For the girls, City Weekend by Oliver & S (bottom four are knits, top two are cottons)

For tops for me (from top) Amy Butler Belle, Amy Butler Love and Anna Marie Horner Little Folks Voile

11 yards of It's a Hoot for the new little Miss' bedding (there is some gorgeous pink damask on it's way that accidentally got left out of the box)

Some "hooty" fabric (according to Liam) and brown dots. The hooty fabric (Jewel Tones Night Owls - Espresso by Michael Miller) has already made it's way into a pair of boxer shorts for Liam, a pair for Bella and a pair for the little Miss. I still have a bit left and contemplating making Dean and I a pair too.. that'd be cute right, all having matching PJs?


Ellyn said...

::::raises her hand::::: I want a pair of hooty shorts too! LOL Lovely purchases & projects!

The O's said...

You could have included my stash with your pics. Gorgeous soft and colourful flannel. Arrived today and can't wait to wash it and get my Christmas Present working, was tempted this afternoon but busied myself with somethng else instead. Must get my Voile made into some tops... infact, I am going to declare Boxing Day, sewing day!