Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet {and cheap}

One of the big drawcards for me when I started sewing was just how much cheap it was to clothes for the kids with all the beautiful fabrics out there.

Take one $3 t-shirt from Kmart for baby girl, and a pair of super cute iron on transfers from Beutron for $3, equals...

The other side of course is both Isabella and Liam are tall but teeny tiny waists (don't know where they got the small waists from). Buying clothes for them can be hard, by the time I get the right length, it is swimming around their waists. Nothing like a 3 year old boy walking down the road with his shorts around his ankles.

Take a metre of Patty Young knit, the length of a size 7 UTA pattern but taken in at the sides for "Miss no waist long legs", equals

Best of all, it took about 40mins to finish the two together.


CurlyPops said...

I love pimped up t-shirts for pressies - so quick and easy.
Unfortunately the local Bonds factory outlet has closed down, so I need to find somewhere else to get cheapies from.

Ellyn said...

so cute! my kiddos were the same way when they were little, tiny waists, 2 of them still that way!