Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kona Cotton Rainbow

New Kona Cotton fabric to do some more work on my Heather Ross quilt.
From top: Lemon, Orange, Tomato, Medium Pink, Peony, Blueberry, Sky, Basil, Olive, Stone and Coffee.

Some baby shoes for the little Miss.

Isabella insisted on getting a photo with them.

Disclaimer: her outfit was NOT chosen by me. I had her dressed perfectly decent for our play date this morning and she changed into this. Why she loves the hideous headband and far too small dress I will never know.


Sally said...

I'm loving the headband action.

The O's said...

it's a 5 year old thing. I give up too some days. Love the rainbow! We SO need to book a weekend away, just you and me and sewing machines and fabric. NO little people. NO mobile phones. LOTS of food, nice food, good food... and coffee!

Ellyn said...

haha wait until she is a teenager! just sayin... she's a lovely little model. Enjoy those yummy fabrics (& feel free to send me the scraps, LOL)

Bek said...

Yep, sometimes I feel like wearing a t-shirt that says, "She dressed herself today" when I am out and about with my 3 year old girl. I drew the line at a hot pink, bright green and yelow shirt with a red plaid skirt the other day on the grounds that it would give me a headache when I looked at her.

Cute shoes too! I made a similar pair for Evie before she was born.