Saturday, May 1, 2010

To do list... be gone...

To do list... be gone... it's been a busy week for my sewing machine!

A cover for my new notebook, accessorised with the button brooch I made at Dear Fii'sworkshop at last years Stitches & Craft.

Something for Mother's Day for my Mum from the QFD Creative website tutorial (thanks to Melissa for the link!) ...

Teapot cozy & set of matching napkins

And a new toiletry bag for me after a little splurge on Mac cosmetics this week. Fabric is from cloth with a couple of free-sewing circles I added.

On Thursday I received an early birthday present from the super-lovely Ellyn.. the latest copy of Stitches. (Fantastic magazine full of patterns by the way.)

Thursday night, using the measurements and instructions from the magazine but using a panel from The Red Thread with a couple of added embroidered details, I put together a lingerie laundry bag. One side for clean, the other for dirty. Perfect for my little Melbourne trip.

Now to get back to the last half of the quilting for a baby blanket.


B @ Sweet Limes said...

Wow girl you have been busy, and what awesome things you came out with. I've made some of those little brooches as well, aren't they adorable? Your new cosmetics bag is awesome, the fabric choice is prime so how could it not turn out great? And I like the idea of that little travel bag for lingerie. Might have to look into that copy of Stitch while I'm running into the city tomorrow for some supplies.

Ellyn said...

fabulous! so glad you are enjoying the magazine & I still can't believe it got to you sooooo fast!

PinkLizzy for missIsa said...

So busy! The lingerie bag is gorgeous! I love all of it of course. You're so clever.