Friday, May 7, 2010

Paris Necklace

A few weeks back, spending time browsing on etsy (a vortex of time and money), I came across a little charm of the Eiffel Tower. I knew exactly who needed it. Next thing I knew it I had all sorts of chains and notions in my shopping cart and on their way to my house with the mad idea of making a necklace for her birthday.

I was really happy with the end result...

And now somehow I have a drawer full of chains, charms, jump rings, flowers etc. etc. Guess what everyone I know having a birthday soon will be receiving.

And the winner of my 500 post giveaway according to the Random Number Generator site is the super-lovely Ellyn. It seems fitting that the winner is Ellyn, she is one of the lovely friendships I have made thanks to blogging that I mentioned in my post. Thank you to everyone who commented, I wish I had time to make you all something.


Ellyn said...

oh you silly girl! I so enjoy our friendship... thanks for picking me! & the necklace is lovely, my dd would love it! She is heading to Europe in a couple weeks (but will not get to Paris :( )

The O's said...

and I am really happy with the end result too :-)

Thank you very much once again for a lovely lunch and a beautiful gift! Now what to get you for your birthday?????