Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where are the kids?

Happy Australia Day long weekend! Hope everyone is enjoying the extra day to the weekend. We have Dean's mum & dad (Nanna & Pa) up from Ballarat, VIC for the weekend and they are staying at my mum & dad's. Bella & Liam have spent the weekend there spending as much time with the grandparents as they can.

Last night when Dean & I got home we made yummy home-made pasta and just sat back with a glass of wine and I'm ashamed to say crawled into bed and were asleep by 10. It was really nice being able to wake up in our own time rather than the calls of a child. We enjoyed breakky down at Cronulla for the first time in months and then headed back over to see everyone. I don't know if I can convince him to have two breakky's out in a row, but I'll try!

Yesterday I finished Liam's monster. I saw a similar design on a website I came across a while ago (can't remember which one now of course!). He is all hand-sewen again and I drew the pattern from memory. I'm pretty pleased how he turned out!

I have some lovely photos we took over the past couple of days in my Facebook-thingy. Check them out here...

And here are some we had taken of Liam a week ago...

PS. Happy four-month birthday to Liam for today! I want my newborn back :-(

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