Friday, January 25, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Welcome 2008, Happy Australia Day etc. etc. etc.

How time flies.. when there are two kids to chase! Welcome to the Blog we've started from 2008.

Liam is 4 months old next week and is growing so quickly. He started rolling last week and now doesn't stop. He has done it in his sleep a couple of times and is not to happy about it when it happens. Talk about a rude-awakening! He has moved out of mummy & daddy's room (sniff-sniff) and into the cot in the room he shares with Isabella. So far they share the room well, Bella knows not to be noisy when he's in there and Dean & I often get told off for talking while he's asleep "ssshhh Baby Liam sleeping mummy".

Bella is talking non-stop and dances non-stop and plays non-stop and eats non-stop... get the idea? She started day care at Bambinos near home today, and will be going every Friday. She apparently had fun, but didn't nap 'cause she was too busy chatting to the carers apparently.

This week I managed to pull a few hours out of thin-air to do some sewing. I made a gorgeous little hand-sewen elephant and as requested by Bella, a little cat. A monster is in the works for Liam. I have some lovely fabric coming from the US for some other ideas I have, whether they work or not is to be seen!

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