Friday, March 7, 2014

The week that was

It feels like it's been non-stop around here. Somehow it's March and we are on to our 5th weekend in a row of kids birthday parties with three more to go including Eva's 3rd. Last Sunday, once swimming was done our plans were... nothing. I was so looking forward to nothing. Maybe make some popcorn and watch a movie with the kids, or a walk along the esplanade with the kids on scooters and walking the dog.
We never got past swimming. Eva versus car door = 2 days at the Children's hospital including surgery on Monday to remove her thumbnail and repair her damaged nail bed. So much for our lazy Sunday.

I am grateful for the Sydney Children's hospital. The nurses. The surgeon. The anaesthetics team. Captain Starlight and the clown doctors for their distracting skills. Australia's Medicare service. Carers leave at Dean's work so he could stay home. Friends for caring to check in on us this week. So much to be grateful for. It could have been worse, but our happy chicken had no tears, 22 hours fasting without a trouble, being poked and prodded in her "ouchie". 9 hours she had to wait for her turn, but she played happily, content with just toys, colouring in, reading books and showing off for the the nurses.
My very brave girl got a couple of special treats this week after her eventful time... brave little monkey who now has a right thumb the size of her whole left hand thanks to the bandages!.

We have nothing planned for this Sunday... let's see how it goes!


Kate said...

Poor Eva! Hope it heals fast!

Ellyn said...

so glad your sweet girl is on the mend now. Here's to a peaceful weekend for you and your gang