Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My world right now

My world right now is consumed by the upcoming holidays. I have been gathering supplies, building a big box of craft goodies and activities for the kids for their month of school that starts this afternoon as well as preparing for Christmas at my parents house. I have also been pinning lots of ideas over on my Pinterest boards if anyone else is in search of things to do for the kids.

Our plans for these holidays are to just relax. There are no plans to travel anywhere, no calendar full of activities, just a rough idea of a couple of things we want to visit like the Zoo and Powerhouse Museum and perhaps a movie or two, but mainly to just let the kids sleep in, have lazy afternoons and trips to the beach just down the road.

My little old blog which started as a record of the kids when they were born, has become a bit of a sewing blog which gets left idle when sewing doesn't happen and I don't like that.. there is so much else going on around here, fun things like our new addition Lucy, an 11 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that I want to share. While I do have plans to sew during these holidays, I am going to try blogging more on everything else that comes with living in this crazy home... 

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Ellyn said...

I love hearing what is happening in your little world! smart move to not overplan the school holiday. I hope you all enjoy it very much!