Saturday, April 27, 2013

Holidays Part 2 ... Sydney Brick Show

We have a fairly rampant collection of Lego around these parts. I can't blame the kids for the boxes and boxes of Friends, Super Heroes, and Duplo, I think they get their love of lego from me and I may encourage the purchasing of the odd set here or there or make suggestions of what they should ask from Santa.

My friend gave me the details of the Sydney Brick Show and since it fell in the school holidays I decided to take Bella and Liam yesterday while Eva was at daycare.

There were so many fantastic displays and we all had (numerous) favourites, but pick of the bunch...
Sydney Brick Show 2013 Bella's favourite Sydney Brick Show 2013 Liam's favourite Sydney Brick Show 2013...with a Mini Apple store...Sydney Brick Show 2013
... AND a bridge between two displays. Huge.Sydney Brick Show 2013 and my favourite... The Love Boat
Sydney Brick Show 2013
don't you love the shark?
Sydney Brick Show 2013
and all the rooms. Awesome.
Sydney Brick Show 2013
And at the end they got to play in the build pit. Bella made a beach, blanket, people and all. She had a few little kids waiting to pounce on it to play with when we finally left to meet Daddy for lunch.

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