Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reindeer Noses

Pinterest... the source of so many ideas, now not all of them eventuate but some do like some little Reindeer Noses for Bella and Liam's school buddies and teachers this Christmas.

Reindeer noses supplies

Rajtan containers from Ikea
Maltesers (I bought the 12 mini packs and used 2 packs in each container)
Small bag of Jaffas (you only need one nose per container... there was only one Rudolf after all!)
Printed label

Reindeer noses in progress
We had our own little production line going and finished up with 40 little containers.

Reindeer noses

I made my own labels with the kids names on it, but have made up a blank sheet as well incase anyone wants it.

Click here for the Reindeer Noses template

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