Thursday, February 2, 2012

Japanese Handmade Baby Wears Top "R"

Pattern: "R" from Handmade Baby Wears (there's a link here but I got my copy from Kate when she was de-stashing, thanks Kate!)
Fabric: Far Far Away by Heather Ross

My first attempt at a pattern from this book, and thank goodness for the illustrations which make it possible to follow, cause I sure don't read Japanese. I did make a mistake by forgetting these patterns don't have seam allowances, which was fine for around the body and the hem because Eva doesn't quite fit the sizes in the book, but it made the shoulders a little too narrow. But then you wouldn't have noticed if I didn't just point it out, right? Anyway, lovely lovely top, fits well, and of course beautiful fabric makes it nice and breezy.


Ellyn said...

nope, never would have known! Nice job! Now of course you could learn to read Japanese in your spare time... that would make the book easier to follow!

Kate said...

I always forget about the no seam allowance - I have had a few disasters. That dress is gorgeous!

Rachael said...

Yes! Thank you for reminding me - I got a pile of Japanese books last September when I was in Tokyo and I had forgotten about the seam allowance. I think I will stick a label on each book. Gorgeous top - well done.