Sunday, December 6, 2009

Advent Calender

Last week, on the last day before the Christmas Advent begins I spotted this and fell in love. I love the idea of the kids slowly building a tree over December, watching different ornaments appear. Of course my brilliant last minute planning (11.30pm) meant that using nicely made felt ornaments would go out the window (maybe next year), so I decided to print off some paper ones, let the kids colour them in and we'd use them. So using some wool felt I have I came up with this...

I cut out 24 little squares and then 24 slightly larger squares. I downloaded and transferred the numbers from the template over at Purl Bee and hand embroidered each number onto the smaller squares (which took no where as long as I thought it would... thank goodness).

Each of the smaller squares were machine sewn onto the larger square around four sides and then then the larger square sewn around three sides onto the large piece of grey wool felt to form a pocket. I cut out a tree (triange) and base (square) and machine sewn onto the grey as well. Then the kids helped me pick out the 24 buttons to hand sew on the tree which we did together.

Finished on the first day of advent and the kids were very excited there was evidence Christmas is approaching.


Gilly said...

a this is so pretty - I always get caught short and should probably decide to make one in June LOL. Really sweet :)

Karin said...

What a lovely idea. I bet it looks great when the tree is all decorated!