Sunday, January 11, 2009

Liam's Big Day

Friday was the first day back at daycare for Bella and the first day for Liam. After an intial upset at seeing Mummy & Daddy leaving he apparently was brilliant all day. We only called in to check oh 3 times, but he was having a great day, making a new friend, have a big sleep and eating all his morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

So I had my first day on my own in 15 months. A whole 8 hours. Jealous much? With no "work" to be done, I headed straight to one of my fave fabric shops and actually browsed. Then I quilted a baby quilt which turned out to be a full single bed size, then cut out a bag pattern. Bliss. Next week of course I'll be busy working on a new customer's website but gee it was nice. Just the binding on the quilt to be done and then I'll be back with photos.

A big thanks to Penny Carnival for the shout out about my tutorials list and hello to anyone stopping by from there. I am still adding to the list when I come across tutorials that catch my eye and have added a few more tonight. Check them out here.

I wonder if people would like to see photos against the tutes? What do you think?


Kelly said...

Yes! I reckon pics next to the tutorials would be beaut when you're on a quick hunt for a certain type of bag or other tutorial rather than feeling like a cruisy wander through lots of sites. Of course getting the pics together might fill up all of your free time for the next year!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Liam looks so cute going off with his little backpack. I'm green with envy at the thought of 8 wonderful hours!

I love the sound of the pictures next to the tutorials ... but boy, that sounds like piles of work! You should delegate and get your readers to help prepare some image links for you (putting my hand up here). Afterall we'd get the benefits.